Brrrr, it's chilly!

Well there has been many a morning where the car has been covered in frost and the Ochils have had a dusting of snow. Time to get the porridge pot out and make a hearty breakfast to keep you full and warm all morning. How to make the perfect bowl of porridge is a regular discussion here in the office of Strathallans Oats, how do you make yours? Tell us how you make your perfect bowl of porridge on our recipe form an we will share it on our website. If you are needing to top up your cupboard of Strathallans Gluten Free Porridge oats click on the link below, it will take you straight to our online shop. #PromoteTheOat Link to online shop here.

#strathallansglutenfreeporridgeoats #promotetheoat #Scottishglutenfree

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