We have been a wheat free farm since 2010 by choosing to only grow oats and Scot's Timothy hay.  Thanks to the River Teith, River Forth, the hills and the motorway, the topography makes us an island where no contamination from wheat or barley fields can occur.

Oats are naturally gluten free but through typical growing, processing and packing facilities they become in contact with wheat, rye or barley which contaminates them with gluten.  Our oats are grown on a gluten free farm, shipped to a gluten free drier then milled at a gluten free mill in Banffshire.  Once milled our oats are then sent to a gluten free and nut free packaging company in East Kilbride to be bagged.  The process sites are regularly tested by the ELISA Test to ensure that our Scottish Gluten Free Oats stay gluten free from the farm to your bowl.

Oats are a great source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  Whole oats are the only source of the group of anti-oxidants known as "avenanthramides" that are believed to be effective against heart disease.  Oats are also well known for lowering blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Half a cup (78g) of Oats will provide you with the following vitamins:

  • Manganese 191% RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)

  • Phosphorus 41% RDA

  • Magnesium 34% RDA

  • Copper 24% RDA

  • Iron 20% RDA

  • Zinc 20% RDA

  • Folate 11% RDA

  • B1 (Thiamin) 39% RDA

  • B5 (Pantotheric Acid) 10% RDA

Oats are a slow energy-release cereal which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  So you see, oats aren’t just good tasting but they are good for you too.


Greenocks Farm

Bridge of Allan




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